Saturday, March 17, 2012


In the previous post I mentioned the experience of my friend's daughter. She called today the clarify events.

Her husband did not take their daughter to the ER, but to the doctor's office. The doctor then told him it was probably a virus and to take her to the lab for blood and stool testing. (My friend originally told me that the doctor was going to send her daughter home.) That's when my friend's husband told the doctor that he wasn't going to go to the lab and that he thought his daughter has appenicitis and needed to go to the hospital. The husband had to convince the doctor of this!

Bottom line is that the surgeon thinks this child's appendix must have ruptured last TUESDAY! They put her on IV antibiotics overnight in the hospital, did laparoscopic surgery the next morning to clean her abdominal spaces of infectious fluid that had spilled from the ruptured appendix, left in two drains, and now she will remain hospitalized for a week and on IV antibiotics after which, she'll be sent home for 6 weeks and then return to have the appendix removed. Apparently, it's safer to do things this way than to operate right away because the doctor doesn't want to cut into healthy tissue while this horrendous infection is raging or it could spread.

So, while these facts point to a less horrendous mistake on the doctor's part, it still could have had tragic results at any moment since the child clearly needed to be hospitalized immediately and treated as this was definitely life-threatening.

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