Monday, March 5, 2012

A Glimpse of My Future

Yesterday was the local gathering of families who have adopted children from China. For such a small community, there are quite a lot of families who have children from China. One of the families has just returned from China with their third daughter, who is 12 1/2 years old. They've been home now for about three weeks. This 12 1/2 year old was still a little girl in many ways, just with a bit more attitude, that's all. It made Sissy so much more real to me and I'm so eager to rush to China and bring her home! Sissy will be a little girl still, in need of a mother's love just as much as any child, regardless of being called a teenager. She'll be vulnerable and scared, yet so eager to have a family!

On the paper chase front, I am moving right along. Today I got a great surprise in the mail: My 171-H arrived, and it's just perfect! It actually came a few weeks ago, but there had been a mistake in my homestudy so the age of the children being adopted was 18 months to 14 years. I needed it to say newborn to 14 years because I don't know how young my third child may be. I only have rave reviews for my CIS officer because she has always come through for me in very short spans of time!

Also on the paper chasing front, I'm please to say that my dossier is almost complete. I had a HUGE glitch with the guardianship letter that trickled all the way down to my homestudy, which was already at CIS. It would have been a devastating, adoption-ending glitch and it had me utterly paralyzed with fear that my future daughter would never get to have a family, when some fantastic friends of mine, who just returned from China themselves with their fourth child a few days before Christmas last year, came to my rescue. This wonderful family didn't blink an eye, but agreed to do what was needed with open, loving Christian hearts, in the spirit of love and friendship, one mother to another, one adoptive family to another. I am sooo grateful and this story will go down in my family's history forever. I'm sure I can come up with some funny victory sloggan that makes cute fun of our children's special feet, like: "Never Accept d' Feet!"

So, the last document to collect before my dossier is sent to China, is my birth certificate. The certified copy came today, now I have to send it back to my birth state to be apostilled and then on to the Chinese Embassy to be authenticated. I'm having two copies done, just in case I need another one down the road for anything. All together, by the time I get these back, they will have cost well over $150. Imagine that, just to have a birth certificate to send to China!


FruitFish said...

So glad it's coming along well and He is seeing you all through it!

Sammons said...

So excited To follow your journey!!!! Soon you will have 2 precious little girls in your loving arms!!! I too am from the bay area, Vacaville. I visit with the girls 3 or 4 times a year!