Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ideas for Medical Appointment Logistics

Sadly, Jie Jie has lost weight through all of this. Not too much, but an entire pound, which is a lot when you only weight 37 pounds. It's my fault for not realizing how many meals would be missed due to all of this medical stuff. I also didn't have so much as a picture book or coloring book in my bag for the first several visits.

I would love hear in the comments section, or on your own blogs if you'd leave a link, how you prepare for your child's medical appointments from a practical point of view.

What do you pack for your child and yourself?
What type of bag do you have?
And anything else I don't know I should even be asking about.

I would also love to know how you explained to new children being adopted into your home about the medical conditions of the children you already have and vice versa, what you told the ones at home about the new one coming in with a serious special need.


Nicole said...

Aaron is transfused every 3 weeks so we are at the hospital for about 4-5 hours. We pack books, stickers and paper, crayons and paper, those foam sticky backed stickers and foam paper, and lots of snacks and a couple of water bottles. Nicole

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain = ) since January we have had only one week with NO medical appointments.

We are a gadget family. We now pack the ipod and DD's school lunchbox. She uses a canvas tote bag with her name on it to carry stuff to appts. Sometimes it's homework now. In a pinch, she plays with my cell phone or camera if they're in my purse.

When she was younger, we packed the Magna Doodle for in the car with extra magnets & matchbox cars.
DD loved that. She could also use the magna doodle as a lap desk.
I always tried to have a box of crayons or markers & a fancy little notepad in my purse which she didn't use at home.

Eventually we settled on a portable DVD player with headphones. It was distracting enough so that when I needed to talk to the doctors DD could be occupied and not get worried over what we were talking about.

Leapster was a great educational gadget that worked well. She only played with it in the car and on medical appointments. I also liked the gadgets to keep her hands off the floor (dropping crayons & little things) and it kept her hands far from the germy toys at some medical waiting rooms.

I usually just pack her school lunchbox with a drink and snacks that could usually wait in the car. I always need to make sure she has snacks and a drink, if I forget we have to stop which makes it hard to make some appts on time so I have made it a habit to arrive early. I cannot rush her out of the house to an appt, that upsets her a great deal, so trying to give us some extra time to get there helps us(me) stay calm. Arriving early also helps DD acclimate to a new place.

I also bribe her with tic tacs and beef jerky on the way home if she cooperates. = ) I am all for the occasional bribe promised after an extremely long and painful office visit or medical milestone.

On her overnight hospital visit we printed photos of her dogs and iron-on-transferred them to a pillowcase which we took to the hospital. She sleeps with her dog at home. It was also a sweet ice breaker for every doctor & nurse who came to examine her.