Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm DTC!!!

What sweet letters! DTC means Dossier To China, for those of you outside the adoption arena who don't know. I remember being so worried that my orignal, sent in this same month five years ago, would end up at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. This time, I don't have time or energy to worry, but I did get a complete copy of it today and put my hands on the original and held it against my heart for a brief moment because these are the documents that will lead to my Letter of Approval, or whatever it's now called. That letter is the official referral that asks if I will accept my child and I have to sign it and send it back to China. Then I get travel approval, consulate appointment and then GO TO CHINA!

Can anyone tell me about how long it's taking for the dossiers to process in the Waiting Child program right now?


Amy said...

Yea!!! congratulations. Looking forward to watching you bring your big girl home.

Lynnea said...

YEAH!!!! I've heard 4-5 months to TA after you get a LID!!!! :)
So....August maybe!?!?!?
And thanks for pointing out my address blunder! Good catch! ;)
Congrats! I know feeling of getting those doc's out of your hands. It is all in HIS hands now!

Debbie said...

Hi! You posted on my blog so I found yours. :-) You asked if we were LID 2 weeks after DTC. Answer is yes. And that felt long. Because our friends who were DTC the same day as us (using the same agency) were LID 5 4 days after DTC. Why we waited an extra 10 days we'll never know. So hopefully you will hear soon. We heard a couple of days after our LID that we were logged in. Good luck!

Princess D said...

Whoo hoo!!! Love both pictures too, can't wait til it just takes one picture to show your family of three (and then four :) )!!!