Monday, March 19, 2012

I've Got to Get It Out!

Brace yourselves for another medical rant. I honestly didn't go looking at all. The only thing I did was go up to visit my friend's daughter, R, you know, the once with the ruptured appendix. Well, R has a room mate, a baby, whose bed is by the door. I had to walk past them to get to R's bed. When the dad of the baby was ready to leave, he popped around the curtain to say good-bye to R and started telling his story.

His baby is only 9 months old. His daughter is 17 and grew up with and still has extremely bad asthma, so he and his wife are pros in respiratory stuff. So, SIX weeks ago they notice their baby wheezing and having other strange sounds. They take him to the doctor and the doctor says is a repiratory illness and prescribes medicine. It doesn't get better. They go again and then a third time and get more medicine for other various respiratory illnesses they are guessing that this baby has. They go to the ER at the children's hospital and get more of the same. On their FIFTH visit to the ER, they get more of the same. At this visit the dad dug in his heels and said, "I am not leaving until you take an x-ray of my son. Call the police of you have to, but I'm not leaving!" The doctor gives him static and then finally relents. After the x-ray the doctor comes in and apologizes. The baby has a penny lodged in his esophagus! He's taken into surgery right away to remove it and is now recovering well.

After hearing this, I went to the nurses station, since Jie Jie will most likely have her surgery at this hospital, and asked a random nurse if this is common. She said that it actually is and advised me to be extremely vigilent in informing myself and being ready to advocate for my child all the time and to find doctors that are competent in the areas needed. She was VERY serious about this.

There we were, three families, a rather random sampling, in the same room at a hospital today, all with children who recently experienced life-threatening medical negligence over quite obvious conditions, I have to again tell parents to guard their children WELL!

I did not plan to write a formal complaint about the "nixed specialist" but I've been encouraged to do so by one of this collegues, of all people, because she told me that the advice he gave me in a recent email contains two HUGE mistakes that should have been very obvious after just a glance at my daughter, much less after a consultation with me and her. Unfortunately, I did follow his advice which I just learned causes an immediate worsening of her condition and damages her organs. In case you tell, I am EXTREMELY angry!!! Luckily, I don't hold onto my anger very long, I just have to vent it all out, then I'll be fine, especially once I quite finding out how badly and on how many levels this guy goofed.


bella said...

Kim, you are the best Mother for JIE JIE!!! Been there did that and I had to fight with the father of my five children because he thought it was me not the doctors. EXample: If a doctor would not TOUCH A CHILD with his hands , he is not a doctor , met two of those. You do have to be a mother tiger with the medical field. no one would argue over that fact.
Never assume that they know the best. Only you do. bella

Just the 6 of us! said...
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Chrissy said...

I wish every new mother could read this blog. You know with Lila's medical issues we have been through multiple appointments and surgeries. If I had stuck with the first idiot specialist who didn't listen to me or even look at all the medical info and history we had faxed to her, Lila would have numerous complications by now. It's a hard battle but you two are fighting it so well together.