Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Little Paper, Anyone?

Nope, not my dossier. That was rather a cinch compared to this. THIS is normal, everyday mail that has me wondering if I touched something I shouldn't have or uttered some magic words by mistake, because the envelopes keep coming and there aren't enough hours in the day to open them all. Tonight one of my friends came over to help me and in three hours we still didn't finish. Now I'm up another night to at least re-stack them so I can let the daycare kids in the door in the morning so I can earn a living! I didn't mention that I stayed up until 4am for the last two nights getting my taxes finished.

I filled one room and part of another with papers. Honestly, the last picture shows how I really feel!!!


Mom2Six said...

Oh my word! And I thought I got a lot of mail. Hope it's all good stuff and not all bills.

Lynnea said...

That is TOTALLY insane! Seriously....somebody, somewhere doesn't have it together! But you do!!! Way to be orgainzed and keep everyone in line!!!!
Loved the pics of her getting PT. She will go sooooo far! Already has!
Blessings and may you get some FUN mail today! lol

Catherine said...


Karen said...

If that's just stuff from junk mailers, I'd be tossing it without even opening it. I do most of my bills online through my online banking system which cut down the expected bill mail considerably, and I never sign up for anything except for maybe magazines for my daughter, so I get very little mail these days....except maybe the occasional credit card offers, and I usually toss those as well, before even looking at them.
I used to work at the phone company and found out that any time you sign up for ANYTHING with your address or phone number on it (even an "enter to win" at the grocery store, it's an unspoken agreement that you are allowing them to sell your information. I always use just a junk email for that kind of stuff if I sign up at all, that way, if I win, they can contact me, and if I don't win and they sell my info, I can always easily opt out of their email subscriptions in my junk emailer.

K said...

I wish it had been tossible junk. No, it was all important mail, except for maybe 5 pieces.

Chrissy said...

I try to sort daily but have a shopping bag full to stuff to shred one of these days. It's supposed to rain all week, maybe I'll have Lila help for a rainy day project, she's fascinated with the paper shredder! That last picture cracks me up, I thought you never got stressed!