Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Girl

Jie Jie finally got some water time. She hasn't been in the hot tub since before Thanksgiving. Me either, until last night. The dancing video was taken last Sunday after our party. Looking at these, can you believe this child has any type of special need?

In the video, I mention cutting down a bush while Jie Jie is alone in the water, but it's actually a bush nearly against the hot tub, so I was right there the entire time she was swimming, then I got into the water with her for some fun.

Her English lately cracks me up. She's trying out some new words and they aren't coming out quite right in clarity or meaning. Today's new word is "area." Looking at a picture of a princess castle she says, "See the castle area?" meaning the castle itself. Or, as we drove past the kung fu studio where the party last Sunday was held, she said, "There's the kung fu area!"

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