Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Picture of Sissy

Look carefully at the second child behind the adult holding the sign on the left. See the little girl with the yellow hair clip smiling? I'd recognize that smile anywhere! She was 9 in this picture, two months shy of turning 10.

I was on another blog and posted were the following instructions on how to search for pictures of your child:

Go to Google translate and type in the name of your child's SWI in English and have them translated to Simplified Chinese.
Copy the Chinese characters and put them in the regular Google search engine.
Click on "images" at the top of the screen.
Browse through the images and see if one of your child turns up! Good luck!

Now, here's what I did... After clicking on the image, it's overlaid on a webpage. On the right, I clicked on Website for This Image, then started copying and pasting the Chinese text into the translator to translate the news article text.

This is an article from August 27, 2007 in which the children of my daughter's SWI are "happy to usher in the first Games..."

"... Social Welfare Institute has organized the first Games, the orphans spent the happiest day of summer vacation.

Games start with the president gave the order, the athletes were queuing admission, they were all in high spirits, high spirits. Sprint, shoot, hula hoop, these ordinary people appear to be normal movement for the children of the orphanage is quite new and not easy.

According to [dean of my daughter's SWI] orphans who are some diseases or disabilities are abandoned by family, the Games is the summer in order to enrich the child's life, let the children live with more happiness in this family, a happy , happy."

Obviously, the translator isn't perfect, but the meaning is clear!

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kimjax said...

Amazing - what a treasure for you to find!!