Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Treatment and PT

Today we had a good day of medical appointsments. Well, we were supposed to have three appointments, but the phone rang at 8am sharp letting us know that the ecocardiogram tech was ill and not coming in today, so we rescheduled. Luckily, we were able to move the appointment we had after that, to earlier.

We began with Physical Therapy, with the sole focus, pun intended, on Jie Jie's feet. She is supposed to get used to placing the bottoms of her feet on the ground, not the sides. We are to do what I already have been doing on my own, plus two more exercises that the therapist gave me, and one I came up with while we were there which is now the therapist's favorite one.

It looks like Jie Jie is at a gymnastics gym, but if you take a good
look in the mirror, you will see it's the physical therapy room.

Her right foot stretching one way while her left foot is stretched
a different way. Notice how her right foot isn't flat on the floor?

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