Tuesday, March 6, 2012

She's Lost Another Tooth

We came home this evening, and while I was still getting things sorted out, Jie Jie was in the bathroom pulling out another baby tooth. She proudly marched into the room where I was and exclaimed, "I did it myself!"

Jie Jie now has two front teeth on the top and bottom with nothing beside them. Then one tooth, then nothing, then her molars.

We don't do the tooth fairy thing. I tried the first time, but she didn't get it and it just never really came up again. As a child, I really looked forward to the tooth fairy coming, but, surprisingly, it's not something I feel we are missing out on. I've learned that there are so many other milestones that seem much more significant. It's very true that adopting a child out of an orphanage, especially a waiting child, especially once you've seen inside the orphanage, you are totally changed forever.

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