Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stroller Research

I finally made it in to our local baby store tonight and tried out some strollers. Several of you recommended the BOB so we started there, but it was as I feared, Jie Jie is too tall for it. Her head is up into the sun shade and past the top edge of the seat back. I guess they are made for 80 kids that are very short and fat.

There was something called the City Mini XT and this is the most promising so far. It had a high weight limit, tall seat back and just enough seat depth to accommodate Jie Jie comfortably. It's easy to push but has a tiny basket underneath. It also reclines.

I'm going to wait to buy anything until I see what resources are available from my local county physical therapy department once we get hooked up with them.


Cristy said...

We are getting a Special Tomato EIO for Gianna. SHe can't walk long distances. We have the BOB double and she fits in that Okay but especially for long walks, or trips to Philly for surgery, we needed another. has it for $500 which is the same price as a BOB. We are trying to get it approved through insurance though. I'd try one through insurance first and your PT can help you apply.

doreen said...

Hi, Have you looked into Baby Joggers? They can hold up to 80 lbs. and have a sort of reclining position (not adjustable, maybe the newer models are?). The model with the larger front tire is easier to maneuver. And since Jie Jie is a bit older than most stroller riders . . . the Baby Jogger may help in that regard, too . . . doesn't look too baby-ish (should that be a concern). If we lived any closer . . I'd given you the one we had!

PS . . I think you're a wonderful mom!

Just the 6 of us! said...

You're a good Momma to buy her all the things she needs to succeed!