Saturday, March 10, 2012

We Have a Court Date

Before applying for Jie Jie's US passport, I decided to go ahead with the re-adoption that would give her a US birth certificate, or something like an American certificate of foreign birth. Regardless of what it's called, it will have her name on it with the middle name I gave her so her passport will match.

On one of the forms, it says I can bring a camera. I've seen many pictures of families with the judge who did the re-adoption. I'll bring my camera and take a picture, but only for Jie Jie's sake, in case, in the future, she wants it. Honestly, I'm resentful of this step. I have already adopted my child. It is a legal and binding thing. We are a family. We have been a family for nearly a year! Her adoption documents, visa and citizenship certificate should be enough, in my opinion, for her to be issued this birth certificate without having to go through a RE adoption, before a judge, in a courtroom. It just doesn't have any meaning to me other than another time-wasting bureaucratic, form-laden step.

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Karen said...

I too was resentful of that step. But we dressed her in her Sunday finest, and it was more of a ritual than anything else. And the judge was very sweet about it. He loved seeing us as a family. He even let her sit in his chair when we were done. The only part that I really hated was applying for it, because it was at the courthouse with a whole bunch of BabyMama's who were (IMO) there for the most part to file judgements against the baby daddies. It seemed very spitefully charged. And then the lady at the counter INSISTED that I have one more paper from the adoption agency proving that she is not an American Indian...and we went round and round about her not being from America. Just so you know, if the person at the counter is NOT seasoned, she might also insist on that form from you as well. She gave me the form and told me to fill it out and go to the end of the line (which I had already waited a hour and a half in). I called the agency before leaving the counter and the coordinator calmed me down, then told me to insist on talking with a supervisor. I was able to convince her that I DID NOT NEED that one form!