Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Adoption Update

I continue to wait for the LSC, more commonly known as the LOA. For those of you not familiar with the adoption process, LSC means Letter Seeking Confirmation and Letter of Acceptance. Basically, the adoption officials in China send a letter to my agency formally asking me if I accept Sissy to be my daughter and confirm that intend to follow through with her adoption. I sign it and it's sent back and I'm given Travel Approval. After TA, I can make a Consulate Appointment (CA) to get Sissy's visa paperwork finalized. After knowing this date, I can book travel arrangements.

For some, LOA is taking over 100 days. My agency said that this is very unusual and that if I reach the 8 week mark, they will have their person in China contact CCCWA to check on the status of my process.

Since my dossier was logged in on March 31, 2012, I can expect LOA to come by the end of May. Then I wait a month or so for TA, organize the travel then go! Jie Jie is coming with me. We are both extremely excited. I can think of nothing better than to spend two weeks with my girls in China while someone else cooks and cleans and I don't have to work. I loved my trip to China for Jie Jie and hated to leave.

Today I sent off Sissy's care package to a family in Canada to carry to Sissy's orphanage for me. There is a chance it won't make it to them by the time they have to leave, but it's a chance I had to take. I hope that they will get to see her and take some pictures, too.

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Princess D said...

How exciting for your family to all meet and start bonding in China together :)