Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blessings Abound

How many blogs have we all read of families going forward with an adoption of waiting child when they aren't quite sure how they will pay for it all? I can say that I've read a LOT of blogs like this. And EACH and EVERY family brought their child or children home! I read of anonymous donors who would simply send money via an email link or even directly to a person's address, strangers who'd turn up at the door, aquaintences from anywhere, blog readers chipping in, family members, work bonuses, tax breaks, agency grants and other grants, etc.....

Each and every family had one thing in common: Faith in the Savior Jesus Christ! It didn't matter to which denomination these families belonged, their faith was firm and they knew that if they did the Lord's work, He would provide for them.

Honestly, Sissy's adoption started the same way. I had a plan, that's for sure, but it was a real longshot at best. I was going to work and scrimp and save right up until I had to get on the plane to China, even if I had to use almost all of the three months before Travel Approval expired. On top of this, I knew I had Jie Jie's medical expenses to meet. I needed a miracle! And now the miracles are pouring in.

I already posted about Jie Jie's medical expenses being met. I can't remember if I told you the miracle surrounding refinancing my home, but if I didn't, just know that is was a miracle and I was able to meet All of my agency's fees (China quides & post-placement, too) with what I recouped from refinancing plus adding just a few thousand I had scrimped and saved. Then, my cousin, who handled the refinancing, called me up when it was all done and said, "Go look on your front porch." I did, and what I found was a Fed/Ex envelope with a check inside, made out to me, which was part of the commission he had made during the refinancing. This was the first bit to put aside for that $9000 chunk we all travel with that covers the orphanage donation, medical exam, notaries, etc... I also have another $2000 of my own to add to this; my last nest egg.

Tonight I called up a friend from church who has three girls, age 11 down to 5. Her oldest is close in size to what Sissy is. I called to ask if I could try some pants on her oldest daughter because I need to see the difference in fit between the regular size and the slims. She has always asked how the adoption was proceeding and how far along I was in financing it. She has been the most generous donator to the garage sale I'm having soon, too. Well, she said, "I don't know if this is the right time or best way to tell you this, by my husband and I have been promted by the Lord to help you with this adoption. I don't know how yet, or how much, if it will be in the form of a loan to if we'll just give you what you need, or both, but know that we are prepared to help you in whatever way you need. I've been working for a few months now and we can completely live on my husband's salary so we've been putting it all away." I need to add here that this is a military family. Her husband is active duty and she is a reservist who was called to active duty a few months ago. I wish I could say I was taken by surprise, but I have to be completely honest and say that, in my heart of hearts, I could feel something from her more than casual interest all this time, but when I heard her say these words to me tonight and felt the immensity of what it meant, my heart exploded with so many good, lasting, feelings, I have to make a list:

I am so humbled.
I am so relieved.
I am so joyous.
I am so filled with gratitude.

I feel such a love this family has for Sissy, who has clearly touched their hearts.

I feel a connection to my friend, one mother to another mother.
I feel the power of the Holy Priesthood, which her husband holds.

I feel that my prayer of repentance for snapping at Jie Jie was fully accepted and I am being blessed for it. Jie Jie and I have been back to our usual selves since Easter Sunday. I am patient and loving and in awe of her and she is snuggly and smiley and physically and verbally affectionately demonstrative, telling me how happy she is and what good days she's having. We are back to normal!!!

I feel hope, that if this can happen to me, it can happen to you, to anyone, and if you feel that opening of your heart to adopt another child, but you can't, within reason, see how you can afford another adoption, please put your faith in God and do all you can to help yourself and He will provide a way.

I was blessed tonight to be able to sit with my arm around my daughter as we gazed out the front window of our home at a rain storm, complete with lightening and thunder, and I was able to teach her how to count the seconds between the lightening and thunder and explain what it all means and explain electricity and answer her questions about fire and how we'd manage if our home caught fire. I showed her the smoke detectors for the first time and explained what they did. We started a plan for evacuation, where we'd meet outside. Because she wanted to know, I explained that if we had a true emergency, that getting her to safety was my highest priority and that our cats might not all make it. When she wanted to know what we'd do without our clothes and things, I explained to her about insurance and charity and reassured her that we'd be able to stay with friends or go to a motel and that all of our friends at church would bring us clothes to wear and everything we'd need, even food, because she asked how I'd be able to cook without a stove. She understood on her own that they'd even bring her some toys.

I feel so blessed that I've only had one call per day from Kaiser this week, short calls, so I was able to devote my time to my daughter and my daycare children, like it should be.

I am thankful for the Gymboree company, that has such good quality products and excellent sales to enable me to afford to buy Sissy things that will be comfortable for her and pretty so that she'll feel cared for and special. The ladies who work there have celebrated my adoption planning and Jie Jie's arrival for over five years with me, making me feel so special, like all mothers should feel. They even taught me the ropes of their sales so I could get the very best value for my money. I found two pairs of pants that will stay up on Jie Jie and this is a bigger deal than the average Chinese pants-don't-stay-up issue because of Jie Jie's special need.

Here she is after we spent our Gymbucks, finishing up Sissy's wardrobe. It was the biggest shopping spree I've ever had, but I've been collecting Gymbucks since January. After all was tallied, I spent about $5 per item. Also, included are the first Christmas gifts for the year and another gift.


Anonymous said...

I wish you had a way for me to contact you. I really want to do something to help. Its in my heart.

Princess D said...

I love this post. I know I need to get my own debt down before I can go into the actual adoption. And I'll sit and think how on earth am I going to be worth 100k, how on earth am I going to pay for this eventual adoption. Then I tell myself that if He leads me to it, He'll lead me through it. And I know you need some planning to go along with that faith and I think if I absolutely needed to I know of loans I could take out to get her home to me.
I love how your, and others' blogs, have shown, like you said, that through faith in Him children have been untied with their families and look forward to that happening one day as well :)
Do you think maybe you'd do a chipin button on your blog as well? I know that's how I've been able to contribute to others, and would love to do the same for you, Jie Jie and Sissy as well (and hopefully Apple one day too)!!!