Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A HUGE Blessing!

I'm so reluctant to reveal this, in case there's been a mistake, but it's such a HUGE blessing and a great example of how even someone such as I, who has not been at my best for a couple weeks, has still been blessed in a HUGE way.

Some time awhile back, I qualified for a special aid program at Kaiser. I didn't exactly know what it was when I applied and I didn't know I'd been accepted, until one of the pharmacists back in January handed me Jie Jie's antibiotic and said there wasn't a charge. I asked why and learned I was on this program.

I still didn't know how it worked as Jie Jie went through all these diagnostics lately, but I new it was expiring March 19, so everyone made sure to schedule Jie Jie's tests and appointments during that time. Then, I reapplied, and I'm still in process. But--I still haven't received bills.

When I looked online at my account, I saw that Jie Jie's deductible AND out-of-pocket maximum have been reach for the entire YEAR! The blessing is that everything covered by the program still counted toward the deductible and out-of-pocket maximum!!! I thought I'd have to pay thousands this year for Jie Jie's care and now I don't. This was the second biggest financial burder resting upon me and now it's gone for the rest of the year. Remember how I decided to begin praying more earnestly last Saturday? Can you believe the result already? Please NEVER, EVER doubt the power of prayer and God's love for each one of us! This is the second miracle that is making Sissy's adoption possible.

I took a leap of faith wondering how I was going to pay for it and look at what's happening. First, being about to refinance my home when my cousin felt such a strong prompting to call me about it out-of-the-blue, and now this. Would it be selfish to say I need just one more to cover the orphanage donation fee? I don't think so. I think that having unconditional faith that God will provide, is one of the ways I can show my love for Him.

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