Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jie Jie's Progress

Woo Hoo! We had a great day all the way around! It was NORMAL! Not only did all my daycare kids behave very well all day, but the sun was shining, lunch and dinner were easily prepared, taxes were mailed last night, and the result was that I could spend a lot of time with Jie Jie. Right after the last daycare child was picked up, we went to the park where she got to walk a dog on a leash for the first time. A woman there with the friends with kids was letting them walk her dog, which was about 16-20 pounds. A smaller child went first and exclaimed, "She's making me walk!" as the dog pulled on the leash. Jie Jie, experienced with our cats, needed very little coaching and was soon off and running with the dog. My poor daughter ran and ran and ran and I let her, knowing full well there'd be a price to pay. The price was that her andrenaline ran out after we left the dog and exhaustion and pain set in so I carried her home piggy back style. Honestly, she tried to walk and couldn't get more than half a block before I could clearly see her legs just seizing up on her and she could barely put one foot in front of the other. I am curious to know if she'll be sore tomorrow. I'm still trying to figure out our future stroller needs, especially now that she'll be wearing SMOs.

Jie Jie's English is booming right now. She is picking up words so fast right now I can't keep track. Sometimes she doesn't pronounce them quite right and I can still figure out what she's saying, yet other times I'm clueless and she feels frustrated and sometimes comes to tears. When this happens, perhaps once a week, I reassure her that we'll soon figure it out and that she's doing so well and learned so much that it's okay if she can't get it right just now.

Today she brought me a flower said that the stem had broken off. Stem was a new word. There are so many new words, yet I can't think of others right now as I type.

She's trying to figure out today, yesterday and tomorrow and just about has it. She has the concept for sure, it's the words that get mixed up. She is also learning the days of the week and months. She's got summer and winter down, and maybe even spring.

Last Thursday, we sat on the front porch and watched a lightening and thunder storm and I taught her how to count the seconds in between. What a dream moment for me! Then, we went inside and continued to watch from the front window as the rain poured and the storm was upon us. Jie Jie loves science and asked a lot about lightening. I told her some easy facts about it and Jie Jie soon started putting things together and asked what would happen if lightening struck our house and it caught fire. She wanted to know how I'd safely get all of our cats out. I had to tell her that she was my first priority and that we might not save all our cats, but that I'd leave a door open for them to come out on their own if they could. One thing led to another and we made an escape plan that included meeting at our neighbors house a few doors down and I showed her what smoke detectors were and how they worked. It was a great lesson and wonderful moment in time for us as a family.

Today during school time she read soooo well that I was amazed! If we have a week or so between subjects then come back to them, she's made huge leaps just letting the knowledge gel in her head. She is super, super smart!

Tonight she was very happy as she went to bed and we talked. She is happy becuase I'm happy that I could play with her and not do any paperwork or work that makes me tired. She asked about how baby's teeth grow since one of the daycare babies got his first tooth and has been fussy. One thing led to another again and we got on the subject of animal teeth that led to shark's teeth and how they have several rows that continuously grow back. This led to a conversation about how sharks can bite people so we talked about that. She asked what I'd do if she was killed by a shark. I told her that I'd be so sad and cry and cry and miss her very much. She said I could go to China and get another daughter just like her. I explained that I'd miss her so much that I wouldn't be able to do that because there is only one Jie Jie. Then she surprised the heck out of me, I mean, I was sooo blown away because she was soooo RIGHT, and said, "Mama, Jesus will help you if you pray." This is the third time Jie Jie has mentioned having help from Jesus and each time a loud voice inside me says that she needs to be baptized soon. Heads up, Gong Gong! We'll have to figure this one out, perhaps after Sissy is home, before Jie Jie turns 9. My girl LOVES going to church and learning about Jesus, even though we've missed a lot of church in the past two months, and I should stop being so surprised by how strong her testimony is.

In all the medical stuff we've endured for the last several weeks, I lost sight of the fact that that wasn't our normal life, but just a big bump in the road, and that what we had today and for a few days here and there since Easter, is our normal life. I was so exhausted and concerned that I didn't think to reach out for help and now my church family is alerted and when we start the next big round of tests, they will bring us meals for those days. That will be a huge help since we have eaten out so much lately, which isn't always the healthiest choice and is definitely not the most economical one.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning when my darling Jie Jie wakes up and I can see her smiling face and kiss it. The magic of motherhood is definitely back!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post. You are growing and learning together and becoming closer every day. I'm so happy for you both.

Princess D said...

What a wonderful day! I also love how she learns and your teachable moments :)
I also love how God works through her, and she understands it.