Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Molly the Dog

Last night, as we were leaving the park, the dog's owner mentioned that the friend she was with had a daughter playing in a softball game tonight and that she'd have the dog with her again if Jie Jie wanted to play with Molly some more. I made the usualy polite remarks, but starting at bedtime, Jie Jie was full of how she was going to see her friend again and walk the dog, etc...

When Jie Jie awoke this morning, she said, "I no can wait see dog." She had definitely understood that she'd made a date, so after work, off we went again to the park. Sure enough, Molly the dog was there and remember us. The dog's owner was thrilled and took the pictures and video for me. She's the one explaining to her friend's daughter my Jie Jie gets to run with the dog.

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Princess D said...

What fun and how sweet!