Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Own Appointment

I, too, had a medical appointment today, for my eyes. Six months ago, I got new contact lenses, after using the same brand since I was 18, I had to use another since the old ones were discontinued. They didn't agree with my eyes and I realized recently that I was wearing my glasses the majority of the time. I was also having a lot of blurred vision and irritation that I thought was due to lack of sleep. I was wrong and I'm so relieved!

I have dry eyes! And, I'm having some kind of allergy that is swelling the inside of my eyes and making little bumps that feel like sand in my eyes. The doctor said that she's seeing a LOT of people with dry eyes right now and that our eyes naturally get drier with age. She gave me some lubricating drops and told me to get a particulare over-the-counter eye drop medication that will help with the allergy symptoms. Already, just having the lubricant has helped tremendously! If you heard a sigh of relief in the air today, it was me.

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