Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Official Results are In

Nice sigh of relief for this mom, only one cardiac anomaly, and it's actually outside the heart and should be of no consequence. In the words of the doctor, "Her aortic arch curves to the right instead of the left, but since the heart structure is normal this is likely a normal variation."

The doctor said, "normal variation," which may be a quote from the radiologists/cardiologists report, but given that Jie Jie's anomalies fall into a specific acronym describing a non-random association of birth defects, and Cardiac is one of them, this just gives her one more association with this class of 7 body areas, for a total of 6 out of 7. Fortunately, it's a VERY minor one! The reason it is called an association, rather than a syndrome is that while all of the birth defects are linked, it is still unknown which genes or sets of genes cause these birth defects to occur.

No specific genetic or chromosome problem has been identified, however, it is most likely caused by multiple factors and refers to the abnormalities in structures derived from the embryonic mesoderm.

BTW, Sunday's adverture was a little test of how much riding in the stroller Jie Jie still needs. She did use it part of the time, but I did encourage her to walk more than she would have chosen to, meaning, when she wanted to ride, I had her walk a bit more. While she's not limping today, she is most definitely very sore in the effected parts of the legs and feet. Conclusion, we will definitely be keeping the stroller and being aggressive in finding a larger one.

As she has such a high pain tolerance, I will be watching Jie Jie closely tomorrow (well, later today, since midnight has come and gone) to determine if her pain is greater than it was today. When I asked her why she didn't tell me this morning how sore her foot was, she replied, "I bwave, mama."


Cristy said...

Awww.... sweet brave girl. Glad her heart issue is not significant.

Anonymous said...

"I bwave, Mama." An understatement if I've ever heard one. What an amazing daughter you have!

Catherine said...

She is a bwave little girl!

Now, just to help our kiddos learn that they don't always need to be brave. It's ok to admit pain.

John G. said...

Awww, break my heart. She is so precious. I pray that all works out and you find a doctor you can trust and respect and who will trust and respect you as a parent.


K said...

Exactly, Catherine! It's so tricky in our case because I'm teaching her to be brave with injections and IVs so we don't have to forcibly hold her down, but it's hard to get her to understand that in other things, she can rely on me. I think we are doing very well, actually. Part of what she's doing is normal growing up, too. Some things just break my heart, though.