Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sissy's Wardrobe

It started during the Christmas holidays when Sissy's Gong Gong (grandpa) bought her very first outfit. I hope it won't be too young looking because he also bought Jie Jie a matching one! Then, the year-end and New Year sales began and I started making the rounds. It was so hard because I'm guessing at her size. However, I've kept ALL the receipts and I don't plan to wash it all, only what I'll pack for China.

Tonight, I lucked out. I was in a Target store and there before my very eyes, was an Asian girl and her mom and the girl looked just like Sissy does in her video - tall, willowy, all arms and legs, very thin. This girl was 12 and 5'5" which is just a bit taller than I'm estimating Sissy to be. The mom and this girl were sooo nice. They let me hold clothes up to her and I asked what sort of things she liked to wear. She was a wholesome girl, not one of these modern teens.

From left to right, I have one dress, skirts, back row is all pants (leggings, yoga pants, shorts - just one pair, bike shorts for under skirts, and one capri, 2 pairs of cargo pants are on their way in the mail). The middle row, left to right, sets, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, 2 sweaters. First row, l to r, swimsuits, socks and tights (just a couple), pajamas (2), and the Christmas top. There is an REI rain coat in the background and a Hanna Anderssen coat and one top was hanging in the closet. Other than that, you've seen it all!

What is missing from Sissy's wardrobe, that I hope to get in China, are socks, shoes, underwear, dresses, pants, and two more jackets. Hopefully, dresses in China come with sleeves, because dresses here do not, except for Hanna Anderssen dresses, which Sissy is too big for. I mean, honestly, a Christmas dress that's sleeveless for little girls in winter? What is wrong with designers? Is this all that parents will buy? I think not.

So, hopefully, the dresses in China have sleeves on them!

Sissy is now almost 14 years old. The last measurements I have for her were from when she was 12. She was not on the US charts for weight or height, but she was almost to the 5th percentile line. Based on her growth and allowing for a generous teenage growth spurt, I figure right now she'll be about 80 pounds and 58" tall. I bought size 12 in most things, but some shirts I bought 14 if they looked small. The pants I'm waiting for are size 12 slim. I bought regular 12 and they looked HUGE.

I'm looking at this picture and laughing a little, well, a lot, at myself, because I wasn't going to buy much here. I was going to wait until I got to China and had Sissy with me before shopping so much! Once I learned how the sales and coupons worked, I haven't been able to help myself! I really hope Sissy likes her clothes and finds them comfortable.


nancy said...

That's so exciting, what beautiful outfits and at good prices too. I loved the way you described the girl in Target as a wholesome girl, my daughter (also adopted from China, as a baby), is now 12 and I have to describe her as a wholesome girl, she's a great kid. I hope you and Jie Jie have a wonderful Easter! Blessings.

Anonymous said...

How exciting! Just FYI.... My adopted 10 yr old is 58" and 75 lbs. she wears a 10-12 top and 12 slim pants. Target pants run HUGE! Not made for slim girls at all!! Levi's fit us really well and so do Old Navy slims. In shorts we get Bermudas and get either a size 8 or 10. Oh and she wears a ladies size 7.5 shoe. Hope this helps a bit.

Princess D said...

I look at the clothes available for girls now and can only imagine what will be available for these girls in another 14 years.. I mean look at TV, no more TGIF for familys to watch together. What use to be "racy" is now almost laughable and corny. I almost just plan to buy dvd tv sets of shows I watched growing up and let them watch those. Sorry, that was a crazy tangent!
I just got a Mulan sleep dress, because it was on sale for a size 4. Who knows if my little girl will even wear it, but sometimes it helps me visualize the future and at great prices it's hard not to pass up. So I can only imagine what it will be like to be waiting for her and having actual pictures and measurements and not wanting to get her things before traveling to get her!!!
I don't get the sleeveless dresses for those regions that it gets cold in winter. My sister who has three tiny girls (hand me downs coming ;)) has to buy little jackets/sweaters to go with their dresses sometimes to keep them warm--crazy!!!