Friday, April 20, 2012

Whose Daughter is She?

This is "Makenna," as she is known on other advocacy websites. She will turn 14 at the beginning of December 2012. She has until then to be adopted or she will forever be an orphan. If I had the money to afford her adoption, I'd move forward immediately and petition CCCWA to allow me to bring her home along with Sissy. Until two days ago, I didn't think this was possible, but it's happening. In two weeks, there is a single woman travelling to bring home two new daughters!

Am I crazy? No. Well, maybe crazy in love with this child.

Do you want to learn more about her? Perhaps you feel a pull in your heart that she is YOUR daughter.

Yes, she has a special need. She was born with scoliosis. She has had spinal fusion surgery and it looks like it was done very well. Her file contains quite a lot of details concerning her medical care. This is rather unusual and very nice. There is a picture of her back in her file and Heartsent and Bringing Hope to Children and I, have her file. She sounds particularly well-adjusted, mature, and loved. Her file is also has a lot of details as to her growth and development from infancy to present. Here is a little bit about her:

"Makenna is a pretty young girl who will be 13 years old on December 2. She only has 1 more year to find a family before she will no longer be eligible for adoption under Chinese law. She has had several surgeries; one when she was an infant to remove the meningocele on her back, then one to correct her scoliosis in 2007 and another for scoliosis in 2009. Makenna is a delightful young girl who is very smart and very compassionate toward others. She has received several awards at school for her abilities. She is "clever and deft" and very fond of reading and loves to do needlework. She is quiet and thoughtful. She is very polite and will always share with others. Her teachers, nannies and friends all love her very much. Makenna has endured many surgeries and always faced them with bravery. This sweet girl is ready to be brave yet again and face a whole new world...a new family, school, friends, language, customs...but she is ready. She only has one more year to find you... Makenna was abandoned as an infant at a hospital and after the search for her birthparents failed, she was sent to a welfare institute to be raised. In 1999, she underwent surgery for a spinda bifida related tumor on her back and was diagnosed with scoliosis. She underwent further corrective surgeries in 2007 and 2009, which have greatly improved her scoliosis. Her caretakers say she has adapted well to life in the orphanage and considers the other children her brothers and sisters. She is described as a helpful, kind, introverted, shy and cute girl. She enjoys cross-stitch, reading books, and is loved by her teachers. Though a little behind in school due to missing classes due to having surgeries, Makenna is very smart, works hard and has earned several awards in school. Makenna has told her caretakers that if she were adopted, she would miss her caregivers and the children she calls her brothers and sisters. She would love to go back and visit them if she ever had the chance. She also desires her own mother and father, a space of her own, and a warm family. Makenna has agreed to be adopted by a foreign family and would have the opportunity to know a life of love, growth and happiness."


Melanie(Yugan Mommy) said...

Are you adopting Mackenna?

K said...

No, but I would if I had the money.

Anonymous said...

She has your smile. I think she is
supposed to be yours. I think you should contact Gwen of Gwen and her friends have helped many people find the money to adopt!!!!

Princess D said...

Love your advocating for Mackenna! The love for her whether you find out she is to be your daughter or someone else's, just trying to make sure that she finds her family and way home.