Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Yesterday I spoke with a surgeon in central California. He came highly recommended but wasn't with Kaiser. I gave his office a cold call anyway and an hour later he phoned back. We had a great conversation and he said that even though we were Kaiser, I could call him for help at any time throughout our process that he's on salary and not to worry about money. He's a very generous surgeon who cares a great deal about his patients.

I sent him pictures of Jie Jie's anomalies and he emailed me with what he thought. I emailed him back giving him corrected details and moments later the phone rang. It was him. Apparently, my daughter's case is very unusual even among children with the same conditions. We discussed her at length. He's so interested that he said that if Kaiser gives me any trouble at all getting to see the surgeon in Southern California, that he'll personally call that surgeon (he knows him well) and fill him in on what's going on, what my daughter's like, and everything! He believes the L.A. surgeon can handle her case well, but that if there is any doubt, he's positive that the surgeon will immediately refer us to the Center of Excellence we've been trying for all along. He was glad I stuck to my guns and advocated so strongly for my daughter.

This gives me such a huge feeling of relief and validation that all I've been doing has not been in vein. All the hours I've spent researching and struggling and, finally, coming out on the right egroup, have started to open the right doors!


Catherine said...

Wow! What awesome news for you! So happy to hear this! I'm sure a weight has been lifted off your shoulders!

Princess D said...

So glad for you Mommy!!!