Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wake Up, Go To Doctor, Mama?

I hear these words EVERY night now and couple times during the day. Jie Jie hasn't had any more post traumatic episodes since I last mentioned them, and she's learning that the clinic is a pretty boring place where mama talks a lot and she colors or looks at books. Her favorite thing to do, actually, is draw and color of the paper that covers the examination table.

We have made an appointment with a new dentist. Remember the last visit in October? Well, today when I called the new dentist, I mentioned that I'm looking for someone who doesn't advocate using a lot of sedation and is a team player, not a dictator, and the receptionist asked, "Were you at ________ place before?" I said, "Yes," and she said, "I completely understand."

I found this VERY illuminating and feel good about this next dentist. She's a woman, for starters, which I think Jie Jie will like. The referral came from another single mom in my area who has an 8 year old daughter from China. I'd noticed the work done of the child and her mom explained that her daughter had a lot of teeth issues either due to genetics or poor early nutrition, then explained a lot about how great her dentist was and how comfortable her daughter was there and never needed meds, so I did a little research and we're going to try the same dentist in a couple weeks.

Jie Jie most likely will be starting a medication soon that dries the mouth, which changes the ph balance, which leads to a LOT of tooth decay, so we need a VERY, VERY good dentist who can recommend a good preventative program outside the norm.

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