Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Exquisite Baby Doll

Jie Jie loves her Bao Bao so much! She dresses and feeds her and tucks her into bed and tonight I saw her lean down and kiss the doll good-night and tell her she loved her. I love seeing this because I know it's a reflection of the mother I am to Jie Jie and to see her act it out on her doll tells me that when it's her turn to be a mother, she will be a great one. BTW, we both attended a baby shower last Saturday and Jie Jie and I both won the doll diapering contest, a cloth diaper, in each of our categories. I was soooo proud of her, but I knew she'd win after the number of diaper changes Bao Bao has been through. Yes, I'm a super proud mama about this. Silly, isn't it?

I have a generic Amer!can Girl Doll from the local department store for Sissy that actually looks like her and a slightly different smaller girl doll for Jie Jie. They will be waiting on the girls' beds at home for them. But today I wondered if Sissy would also like a baby doll. My friend is going to give me a pretty white moses basket that was full of gifts at the shower that she doesn't need and I thought Sissy should have it for her doll since Jie Jie already has furniture for her doll. Then I realized it was a baby doll bed and started looking online. I found THIS!

I found it a bit less expensive on the every famous auction site that starts with E, but it's still a hefty price tag for a baby doll. I decided to wait until Sissy is home and get to know what she likes, etc... then if it seems that a baby doll is needed, I'll seriously consider this one. After Bao Bao isn't played with any more, I'll still keep her for Jie Jie and perhaps present it to her on her wedding day or the day she becomes a mother. If Sissy needs a baby doll, I'll do the same for her.

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