Sunday, May 6, 2012

Good Day

The FCC playgroup was a good peek at where Jie Jie stands socially. She's ready for being with 7-8 years olds, but they don't wait for her. Her English is still accented and she's tiny, so she can't quite keep up with their physical pace. The older girls also have well-established friendships that are hard for a newcomer to join. If I arrange a play date, one on one, she does fine. Jie Jie plays well with younger kids, but only to a point, then she's bored, unless there is a lot of things to do. She gets on very well with adults. She is continuing the social pattern that she had in her orphanage.

So, at the park today, which was beautiful, with a lake and woods and summer weather, she ended up finding some dogs to play with. First, a dog playing frisby that was with another group than our own, then the dog of a family within our group.

I'm really feeling sorry for her right now and not knowing what to do to help her. She's super happy if I play with her, but the main point of these gatherings is for her to make friends among her peers group. Luckily, I found out that this group meets once a month on the first Sunday. I think it's in Jie Jie's best interest to miss church on these days and be with this group. I think it's even more crucial once Sissy is home. Jie Jie is going to learn a lot having an older sister and I hope Sissy will get as much from her relationship with Jie Jie.

Last Friday was a milestone day. A friend of mine picked Jie Jie up and drove her to a birthday party, along with her own daughter. When I told Jie Jie earlier in the week that this friend would drive her to the party, she got such a look on her face. She didn't know that could happen since I've always taken her places. She was nervous, but didn't admit it, but did just fine. At the party she had a great time, they did crafts and decorated cupcakes, but said she played by herself. I believe her, unfortunately. Again, the social dilemma we're facing right now. I know that it will sort itself out as long as I continue to present appropriate social situations, but my mama's heart cracked a bit when she told me.

If you've been missing pictures it's because I can't find my camera cable. It's here somewhere...

I'm starting to hit that panic mode when one has waited and waited and waited, then all-of-a-sudden, it's nearly time to go to China and time runs out and the house isn't what it's supposed to be and the projects are undone and, oh well, too bad, a new child is so much more important. But... I really need to get this house sorted out and have my garage sale so that I can manage it all once I am the mother of two.

In the car tonight, Jie Jie counted to 20 all by herself and then kept going. I helped her a tiny bit with the tens because we've not gotten to them yet, but she made it to 100 for the first time! She's completely got the concept of how to count, just not the language.

I need to start a list of all the words that sound the same to Jie Jie as she learned English, just as many of the words in Mandarin sound the same to me. Today's words were ache and egg. She said that her head hurt and I told her that it's called a headache. She looked at me funny and said, "Head eggs?" She also had a hard time hearing the difference between thirty and thirteen and the other tens that sound like teens.

Jie Jie is a puzzle whiz. She whips out 100 piece puzzles in about 20-30 minutes. This is good. I've read that this helps use the part of the brain that involves math. It looks like science is her favorite school subject. If that continues, then she needs very strong math skills so that she can enter any field of science she may desire.

I'm looking forward to our trip to China so that I can focus on my girls, completely, no work or daily grind, just being with them as my sole focus.

Oh, I had to shop this weekend for Jie Jie. Now that summer is here, I've discovered that she's outgrown all of her summer shirts and she never really had summer pants because nothing stays up on her and she's outgrown almost all of her summer dresses, too! She's changed a lot and it's challenging to find things that fit. She wears three different sizes of shirts, all Gymboree. She's a 5 if it's longsleeved, 6 if it's short, 7 if it's sleeveless! I'm pretty sure that she's going to have a hard time finding clothes that fit right her entire life. I hope she's interested in learning to really sew.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kimi,

I am a silent follower of your blog for many years. I was wondering if there is a girl guides group near you. It may be a good opportunity for Jie Jie to play with children both her age and children a bit younger. Just a thought.Good luck with both your girls ;)