Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Early Mother's Day to Me

There is a family in China now who visited the SWI where Sissy is and they sent me this update:

"She was walking in the hallway and they insisted she join us and come and see her presents. They told us she is very excited to travel to America. The staff love her very much and they showed it when they went through the bag with her and especially as they flipped through the photo album. She speaks some English and has wonderful manners as she kept saying thank you.

Even though your daughter is in an orphanage she is still thriving. She is adored and being well taken care of. Our guide says it is one of the nicest one's. It is a clean orphanage with lots of room for the children to play. The people there love our children very, very much and want the best for them.

She was tall. I am 5'5" and she was almost as tall as me. She is tall & lean"

This is such exciting news! I'm thrilled that Sissy has some English words already and good manners and is excited to come to the US. I can't wait to see the pictures and video this family have of her to see just how close to 5'5" she is. She might not fit ANY of the clothes I've already bought. I kept every single receipt, though, and can always take them back. It was also fun shopping for her. I expected her to be just shy of 5 feet tall. This might look tall to an American mom adopting a small child, so I hope that she considers about 5 feet tall to be "almost as tall as me."

I finished putting Sissy's dresser together a few minutes ago and will go up and put her clothes inside it. Then, I'm going to go through Jie Jie's clothes and take out all the ones that don't fit her. It's crunch time in the scheme of things. Two months 'til travel goes by in a jiffy and I want the house to be ready. This means the garage sale is coming up in about two weeks or bust!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Mother's Day gift. It's so fortunate that you are able to get information about Sissy like this. It must make you very happy. I'm so happy for you and your growing family! LCN

Princess D said...

Good luck on your garage sale (esp if you already had it ;) )
Glad you were able to get info on Sissy, and looking forward to the pics so you can figure out her height. Hoping the clothes that are already bought will work well and can stay in her new dresser :)