Friday, May 11, 2012

Here We Go Again

I'm at peace today with my choice of which dresser I finally bought - the affordable IKEA one. My friend is going to help me move the furniture around today and tonight I'll assemble it. Good thing I cleared my mind about this because...

...I got a letter from Kaiser. Of course, they denied coverage of Jie Jie's ankle-foot orthotics! Apparently, one must buy an extra plan in case they ever need a prosthetic or orthotic. They tell me this AFTER the ortho team has already spent time and resources casting my child's legs and making forms for the moulds, spending time and money doing so AND putting my child through this. For the amount of money they've wasted on her by ineptitude and mistakes I caught that saved them thousands, like not repeating MRIs that she'd just done that they wanted us to come in for, we could have been to the Center of Excellence and back twice!

So, after making my third formal complaint in about a week, I hope they begin to figure out that BEFORE telling the patient they will get SMOs and putting them through the motions of casting and moulding, etc... the practitioner should call member services and see if the member's plan covers them!

The only saving grace, is that Jie Jie qualified for a county or state program that I think covers them. If they do, it means getting casted again, which she didn't mind, thankfully, but still costs time and money to whoever pays, and then going through the fittings.

I'm truly ready to leave the country and move to a place that offers real insurance, the kind that covers the entire body, eyes and teeth, too, and medications, and any possible medical equipment one may need. So, where should I move after my last adoption? France?

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Princess D said...

Well that stinks! How much extra insurances do you need to have just in case?
Ugh, sorry you have to go through all of this!