Friday, May 4, 2012

I Have Begun

An anonymous comment, a little click here, a little click there. One little piece of interesting information that I stil. need to varify, but I have learned something interesting.

There is a five-year statute of limitations on China's abandonment law. My daughter is 8.

Yes, I am very serious about following my instinct to find Jie Jie's birth family. From the moment I read her file over two years ago, I had the strongest impression that I had to let them know that she is okay. Honestly, sometimes I swear I can feel their emotions in some deeply spiritual way.

I am now living a life I never imagined when I started my adoption journey over 5 years ago. I have my first child, an older child. Soon, I'll have my second child, even older. Next year, my third child, my little one. And a presence of two parents felt strongly from afar. I wonder if I'll have a similar feeling about the birth families of my next two children.

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Anonymous said...

I left the anonymous comment (not signed in at the time) and am glad that you found their blog helpful.

I'm in no way a part of the adoption triad, however I was a nanny for two sweet girls adopted in/from China and have ended up following along with lots of other families doing the same!

I hope all goes well in your search!