Saturday, May 5, 2012

Last Classes Down

My agency had me redo all the adoption classes, 10 hours worth. Today was the last chunk, 4 hours worth, and they were great classes. It was on integrating your child's culture into your family and all that goes with that, and building your village. Jie Jie came with me and played. My agency has a great play area full of toys and books.

One of the most interesting things about taking these classes is seeing people again who I've not seen in a long time because they adopted their child long ago. For example, today, one of the panel speakers was a woman who was in the orientation class with me, over five years ago. She and her husband started with the Guatamala program and were at the head of the line when it closed. They switched to Taiwan and that child is now in school.

Poor Jie Jie has hayfever and a cold. I can tell it's a cold because she's got a slight fever on and off. She behaved perfectly today during the classes. I'm so proud of her. When we got home, we did something we've never done before so she could take it easy, put on two movies in a row. I put on the Princess Diaries, but I think she didn't understand a lot of the first one. She kept asking where the princess was and, at the end when the actress finally looks like a princess, Jie Jie didn't understand why it ended there. She wanted to know what the princess was going to do. She liked the second one, though, because of the little bit of dancing and the big slide.

There's an FCC play date tomorrow that we're going to, just for two hours, outdoors. It means missing church, but with Jie Jie's cold, it'd be terrible for her to be in a small classroom sneezing her germs all over the other kids. When Jie Jie gets a cold, she gets a ton of nasal congestion and her nose runs and runs and runs like I've never seen in other kids. It stays clear, which is good, but it's copious and she gets tired. With the allergies, she's also sneezing often and that's tiring, too.


Karen said...

Just curious as to why the agency made you retake all 10 hours of classes? We have yet to take any classes because we knew it would be a long wait, and after taking the classes for C and then raising her (and raising my adult son and step kids years earlier) it felt as if there is really nothing much we already do not know about raising bio kids, adopted kids, and kids with International ties. But we will eventually get to them. How much longer do you think we have? According to RQ, if it ends up being 6-7 days per month, it looks as if it will be the end of 2013.

K said...

I had to take the classes because it's all under Hague now. Event though I wished I didn't have to take them and didn't like the time it took away from my daughter, they were very good classes, I new waiting parents and saw some familiar ones, and got to spend some time seriously contemplating my future with my new daughter.

I agree with RQ that it looks like the end of 2013. However, I hope there will be a huge hole somewhere of drop-outs that will move things along faster so that we don't have to change to I-800 paperwork.