Friday, May 11, 2012

Nesting, Nesting, Nesting!

After a lot of agony, I finally bought Sissy a dresser. The agony is knowing what I wanted, trying to compromise, then completely using my brain and getting something inexpensive from IKEA. What I really wanted was THIS and now I'm really in agony because when I when to the website to get the link to show you, I see that in the few hours I was at IKEA, it's now on sale. I tell myself to think about living within my means, not adding to debt, how expensive airline tickets are right now and how much that orphanage donation fee is, but honestly, Jie Jie and Sissy's room is the ONLY room in my home that I've decorated to my liking in my entire HOUSE, with furniture that is actually mostly real wood, in the three years since I bought it, and I'd love to put this dresser in there because it matches the other pieces so well.

When I find my camera cable, I'll do a home tour to show you what I mean, but here's a brief description:

UPSTAIRS Livingroom: small 2nd hand piano, sofa from thrift shop
Diningroom: small fold-out table and chairs from my apartment (over 22 years old)
Jie Jie's room: 2nd hand dresser and free shelf refinished by me (SEE IT HERE), Costco bunkbed, real curtains on the windows that I chose and put there (the only room I've done this to).
My bedroom: used IKEA dresser from craigslist, tiny dresser (unfinished) from unknown 2nd hand source, mattress/box on metal frame, Sissy's upper bunk mattress with air mattress on top for Jie Jie's bed, 2nd hand white IKEA shelves, wardrobe from scratch-dent section of IKEA.
Tiny TV room: free TV from curbside (huge kind, not flat), $8 futon loveseat from yard sale, cupboard from cat supplies from curbside.
In the formal dining room is Jie Jie's dollhouse and my 2nd hand rocking chair and 2nd hand accent table and whicker shelf.

DOWNSTAIRS Daycare stuff in playroom - 90% 2nd hand
Family room: free TV (huge, not flat), 2nd hand sofabed rebuilt and reupholstered by me, IKEA bookcase.
Sewing room: land of the lost - the final frontier - enter at your own risk - self-built stuff from misc. IKEA parts and kits and a few nice IKEA office pieces, still not fully finished because the floor tilts and makes me crazy!

I feel a bit dumb about this, too, since it is only, after all, a piece of furniture, when people's lives are at stake all over the world. Perhaps I feel like I need one real treat since I've been fighting tooth and nail for the right health care for my daughter (made another formal complaint with Kaiser today and a month of no activity and a doctor who may not have followed proper Kaiser protocol for referring patients to in-Kaiser specialists). Or is this super intense nesting since in as little as two months I could be adopting my second child and want her room to be as perfect as I can make it for her! Will she notice the difference between her sister's hand-painted dresser with butterfly knobs and her own plain dresser?


Karen said...

Honestly, don't worry over that kind of stuff. She will have so much more than she is used to anyway. Look at the bigger picture. She will come home to a loving family who cares deeply about her. All the rest is superficial. Although, we want to adorn them with cute things for our own sense of need, they do not need those things. They need us.
Our house is a very small tract house, in a bedroom community that has HUGE houses, and most of her friends live in those houses. I was actually embarrassed to invite over our daughter's friends to our house because their parents are doctors and pharmacists and big computer guru's. My adult son and I were driving about a year ago, around some of those houses, and I told him about my dilemma. He said, "Mom, don't do that. She is soo happy. Look at those houses out there. There's at least one child in her big house RIGHT NOW who is abused or not happy, but she lives in that big house.
Since then, I've looked at our situation a little differently. My son grounds me so much with his logic.
Love be with your family right now. Sissy is loved without doubt. That is the biggest treasure she can have in her entire house of things.

Princess D said...

You want the best for them, but I can also understand how "little" it seems in the grand scheme of the world.
I'm planning on painting the nursery this summer and am agonizing on the color of pink to use (but am "using" my sister's interior design degree ;) ). Then I think what if she is blind, or what if she turns out to be a boy, or what if she hates pink, or what if she could care less about such things ;)
Nest on Mama!

Cassandra said...

My daughter's room is the only room in the house that is fully decorated with quality furniture. :) It amazes me how much we can put our children's needs/desires ahead of our own, even when our children aren't home yet. I adore my daughter's room. It's relaxing and inviting. I wish I could make the rest of the house feel just like that! Most of the rest of our furniture is from Target or we do without (our bed is just on rails, no frame).