Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Peek Into Sissy's SWI

I found a blog today of another family's adoption jouney to their son, who they adopted three days before he aged out! He lived at the same SWI as Sissy and she is in several of their pictures. I've asked for permission to put copies of the pictures here, but until I hear back from this family, I will give you a link to their blog posts that have many pictures from Sissy's SWI and some of her. They were taken this past March.

I was very interested on the looks of everyone faces, especially the look on Sissy's face in the picture as her friend drove away with his new family. What do you think?

Post 1
Post 2

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gail said...

I can't wait till Sissy is home with her family. I see "wonder" on her face. You can see in her eyes that she is not only curious about him leaving, but wondering perhaps, when is "my" turn.

I could be so wrong and that is ok, but wheels are turning in that beautiful little girl whom is your daughter.