Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I didn't take many pictures this last month or two, and with the usb cable lost, I had no way to get the few that I took onto the computer. Tonight I scrounged through my boxes that the cameras came in and found one, so here are the most recent pictures of Jie Jie and I...

The outfit that sent me shopping for a new summer wardrobe for Jie Jie!
Needless to say, she stayed in the backyard in this.

Yes, she loves all veggies, even mushrooms and leaks.

Poor Jie Jie had quite a cold for these pictures! She helped me assemble Sissy's dresser. She's very interested in everything I do and always wants to help. Next week, the bunkbed raising party!


Anonymous said...

wishing we lived closer,
wouldn't all the girls have a blast, and the moms too!
God bless you 2 as you prepare to become 3! Praying for you ALL!

Princess D said...

Awesome hair skills Mama!!!
Love that she is helping you put the furniture together! For her sister, but also for mommy-daughter time--priceless!!!