Monday, May 28, 2012

Translation Limits

I received two more emails from Sissy today. I used an online translator, as always, but got very confused when, once again, she asked if I was her mother or knew her mother. I had a Chinese friend come over and do real translation.

What had happened was that when I sent Sissy my last email, I used the word sister and the translator automatically translated that as big sister. In Chinese, there are different words for big and little sister. So, Sissy wasn't sure it was me since I'd already sent her a picture of a younger sister. There were many other strange things in the automatic translation, too.

What I did learn, however, is that Sissy's favorite colors are green and pink. She does not like pets or dolls. She may not like swimming or may have been trying to say she can't swim. She finds homework boring. She likes English class and rollerskating and playing with her friends.

She misses and loves me and wishes me and her sister well and is looking forward to living happily with us. She thanked me for her new clothes and my friend who translated said she seems very polite for her age by the way she wrote it.


Anonymous said...

so exciting,
praying for you and your girls.
Loving every update!

Sherri said...

wow! it's so great you can e-mail! We never got to do that. The days are flying'll be there before you know it :)

Karen said...

SHe might be much more smart and inquisitive than given credit for. Every time you mention that she asks if you are her mother, I can't help but automatically think she is asking about you being her birth mother, who abandoned her.
You have not mentioned whether you have tried to introduce the concept of adoption to her, or that you found her at the orphanage and do not know who her birth parents are, but that you are GOING to be her mother from now on. Perhaps she needs to hear that. She looks old enough to understand. I can only imagine how often a girl her age would fantasize that her parents are out there somewhere, wanting to find her....even a girl her age who was adopted as an infant might have those thoughts.

Princess D said...

How lovely that you have someone in your life that can do an actual translation. Also nice to know that she does not care for dolls (though she can always change her mind later :) ) and that you hadn't already gotten her that lovely doll.
I don't blame her for not enjoying home work, lol ;)