Monday, June 11, 2012

Are You Prepared?

Do you have a 72 hour emergency kit for each of your family members? I'm nesting right now. I was born nesting. With my second child's arrival drawing near, I'm Super Nesting! This means re-doing our 72+ Hour Emergency Kits and adding one more for my new child. I realized that I never put Jie Jie's medical supplies in her kit, thank heavens that's done now. We'd have been up a creek without them.

There are many websites with resources. Just put 72 Hour Emergency Kit into your favorite search engine and start browsing.

I also have supplies in my car in a backpack. I will be adding backpacks, clothes, space blankets, more water and food, first aid supplies, and some crayons and coloring books, or something like that, perhaps a puzzle, to my bins. I'm doing it a little at a time. Each time I go shopping, I get something to put in the bins. The bins will go into my garage with trash bags over them to added cleanliness.

In the house, I have a mini kit. In an emergency, I'll grab this and put it with the garage kits. I also have a small tent and two sturdy wagons.

You might think this is over-the-top, but my church has always been big on preparedness. I've been through several typhoons and a big hurricane (the one featured in the movie The Abyss) and a big earthquake. Since I live in earthquake country, and on the coast where a tsunami can hit, and I live on an island that can become isolated easily, I am prepared. Are you?


Princess D said...

I am not! But what a great idea. It's just you think of those things at one point in time, "got to do that" and then something else has to be done and I forget. I will add this to my list. . .as it's something that is practical to have ready for a little one before they come ;) Should something happen in the mean time, maybe it will give me a few more hours if I have to use her supplies as well.
And especially if you've already lived though life experiences, you know it's a necessity. . .though I hope you and your girls will never need to use them.

Karen said...

Along with the items you listed and show, I've been told to also have a very small container of bleach and lyme on hand. The bleach is for purifying unclean water, such as that in a toilet tank (not the toilet but the tank itself), just in case you need to use that water for drinking or cleaning after you use up your stored water. The lyme is so that you can bury waste into a hole in the ground so that it decomposes without stinking or causing disease. You won't want to use your toilet if the plumbing doesnt work, especially if the disaster lasts longer than 72 hours. Might also want to get a small barbecuer and soups that are pre made, that do not need water added. I usually don't like those kinds of soups, but when you consider water will be a huge commodity, a full cup of water into salty top ramen would be less appealing. And add some dried fruit and energy bars to the mix as well, ones your children like.
A pair of reading glasses, some old sneakers, gloves, and a flashlight should be kept under your bed for easy access and quick grabbing as well. And remember, if you think the doors are hot, USE the back of your hand to touch something you think might be hot or warm...if you use the palm of your hand to grab something hot, and burn it, you've lost the use of your entire hand for the three or four days you might need it.
Unfortunately, I think if we actually have a national disaster, its gonna be something much bigger than most of us can or will prepare for, beyond the 72 hour scope. But it's a good effort that many of us will try to achieve.
I don't even want to begin to think about the pillaging that will take place, and the fear it will create, in a HUGE disaster, beyond the scope of 72 hours.

K said...

All the things you mentioned are on my list and/or are in my in-house kit already. What I figure is that in those 72 hours, if it's total devastation, I hope to evacuate and have enough supplies to reach my destination.

I do take comfort in the fact that my home has withstood two major earthquakes!