Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Great News!!!

Look at the baby she was 15 months ago and the young lady she is becoming now! And see how long her hair had grown, despite two trims?

Things are starting to look up in a lot of areas of great concern...!

I got a call today that a state/county program is covering Jie Jie's SMO ankle-foot orthotics!!! Remember, the ones that have been sitting on a shelf about 5 miles away because Kaiser wouldn't cover them? Well, we go Monday to get fitted and pick them up.

Yesterday, I realized that Jie Jie's next blood test to check kidney function is due in two weeks and the last thing I want to do is deal with two kids having blood draws at the same time, for different reasons. I emailed her nephrologist and we agreed to do it now, so I loaded up my daycare kids into my two quadruple strollers and my assistant and I walked over the local Kaiser lab and I took Jie Jie in for the blood draw. She was brave, but cried, which totally breaks my heart. I stay strong for her, but that pitiful cry rips my heart out. Luckily, once the needle was in, she was fine, and it took only one stick with a tiny baby butterfly needle, a tiny bit of digging for the vein, and it was fine. She's barely got a pinprick of a mark on her little arm tonight and zero bruising. As I sat online tonight, the results came trickling in and the critical measurement shows IMPROVEMENT!!! Yes, her levels came down 7 points from March's test. I am so very thankful.

After work, we went to pick up a prescription to take to China in case we need it there and I decided that we needed a little party to celebrate our time as a tiny family of two. I told Jie Jie we were going to eat out and have a little party. She immediately got super excited. After we sat down at the restaurant, she looked around and asked, "Where's the party." She didn't notice me order something.

A few minutes later, the waiter brings beautiful virgin strawberry daquiries, complete with whipped cream and a cherry and a huge strawberry pushed onto the rim of the glass. Jie Jie's eyes got huge and she started her little shrieky giggle of glee and said, "Wow, dessert first!" I told her why we were celebrating and then we toasted. I wish I'd thought of it before I left the house and brought my camera with me, but, on the other hand, it was a special private moment that I'll always cherish.

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Princess D said...

I'm glad her blood draw when smooth for the most part.
What a terrific idea for the party :) Desserts first is always nice, lol :)