Sunday, June 24, 2012

I Did It!

I fixed my furnance - again - but a bigger fix than before! Thank heavens for the internet because it helped me identify and fix the problem, which was a cracked ignitor.

In my first year in this house, the furnace had a small issue and the repairman told me that my brand of furnance had a problem with a cracked block and that the unit would probably need replacing. This would cost me about 4-5 thousand dollars! Needless to say, I immediately got online to confirm this and, instead, found that a little sandpaper was all that was needed to sand a tiny piece called the flame sensor. It worked, and I've enjoyed heat for two years.

When the heater failed to work this time, I tried the sanding approach, even thought the symptoms were slightly different. As I removed the flame sensor, it broke, so, obviously, it was brittle. It cost me $16 dollars for the part and I replaced it. Then, I got back online and realized the problem was the ignitor. I went to a local parts place and paid $60 for the part, installed it in less than 5 minutes and turned on the furnance to glorious heat.

Some prayer was involved in this process. I had prayed to be able to tell if it was the ignitor and the moment I removed to old part and saw it, a crack was visibly evident, which is the most common problem. I'm sure you heard my sigh of relief, because there is no money to spend right now and four days ago, we enjoyed summer weather before dropping back down into the 60s.

Remember, the coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco. The minute the night fog rolls in, it's freezing here! Any time of the year!

Also of the list of today's labor (yes, I did have to miss church and work on the Sabbath or I will not be ready to leave for China), was yard work. My neighbor loaned me a new gadget - an electric edger. Since the manual one I bought in my first year bent immediatly upon use, my grass has overgrown the sidewalk edges a lot. Well, I put this little machine through quite a workout and now have a nicely edged lawn that is now also mowed. Some bushes are also trimmed, and I put some kind of weed eliminator on the front lawn, too, that my neighbor included with the edger. Since his lawn is beautiful and the one next to him, that he's been taking care of, and the lawn on the corner, where he got his knowledge that made his lawn beautiful, I went ahead and put the same stuff on my lawn.

I joined two airline mileage programs and also signed Jie Jie up. Vacuumed the house, I've started sorting and staging the packing, last night, with the help of a friend and caffeinated soda, made a batch of catfood, which I'll do again in a week so I don't have to do it for awhile after getting back. I'm sure I did more, but I'm about to fall on my face with exhaustion and I badly need a shower because that edger threw a lot of dirt all over me and it was windy today. As for Jie Jie, she's been a very lonely superstar, watching me work and work and work and keeping herself busy or bored without complaint.

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Princess D said...

Very nice! I'm impressed with your skills :)
Hoping you are sleeping well tonight! It's all about to begin again :)