Monday, June 25, 2012

Jie Jie's Misunderstanding

I've been trying to be clear to Jie Jie all along that she is mine forever and not staying in China, but tonight when I asked her what she thought would happen in China she said something to the effect that I was going to leave her in her old SWI with her Po Po and come back for her at some later date. She didn't seem unduly alarmed, but her smile and look of relief when I again explained that we are only visiting and that I'd never leave her in China was enormous. I think we'll be going over how this all works a few more times, perhaps even making a little book about it that she can refer to and go over and over.


Anonymous said...

I learned that talking to our DD about things we would do together once we got Home went further than telling her I would bring her back home again.

She used to thank me over and over again as we got closer to home for bringing her Home to Mama's house. No amount of my telling her made her believe it.

Before we left I learned to say little things like, Remind me to water the plants when we get home together.
OR Can you feed the dogs when we get home?

On vacation I even asked her to hold the house key for me until we got home...tangible proof she was going Home to Our house.

Thanks for sharing!
Have a wonderful trip.
Blessings on your travels.

Lynnea said...

I don't know if you remember our journey with Ava....but no matter how many times I told her she would be coming home with us after getting Josie...she just couldn't "grasp" it.
But then when we came home again. WOW. What a difference. She is totally settled and at peace.
So praying for a great trip and may Jie Jie's heart experience complete healing. It is GREAT you can take her with you!!!