Sunday, June 3, 2012

Life in Real Time

These pictures are from yesterday! Look at how long Sissy's hair is. Isn't this pool fantastic? Yes, she's eating KFC. There is one close to my home, but I cannot eat there. Each time I do, I throw up shortly afterward. If she needs comfort food, though, I'll get it for her now and then.


Karen said...

Hi K, it's more my understanding that the kids will get "spoiled" after their forever family finds them, while they wait. Many of the toddlers will be fattened up and spend special one-on-one time with the nanny. Or, the older kids will go out with selected friends to places like KFC. I doubt this kind of thing is normal for Sissy or any of her friends at the orphanage, even once a year. Although, I could be wrong, but orphanages do not normally spend money or resources on this kind of thing unless one of the kids are being prepared to be adopted.
Most likely, her comfort foods would be noodles and/or congee. I hope you have a mean congee recipe. :-)

Sherri said...

Notice the boys swim wear! :) It took us a while to convince Z to wear "American" trunks!