Saturday, June 16, 2012

Miracles Abound

Miracles happen all the time, especially in the adoption community. But there is a HUGE miracle happening over at Our Place Called Home that I encourage you to read about. Little Teresa, after being told two years ago that there was no hope of living much longer, is now LISTED for a heart transplant!!!

Of all the adoption stories I've read so far, this one is amazing. The first miracle was that Teresa lived at all. The second, that she lived long enough to be adopted. The third, that she survived the flight home to the US. The fourth, that she's still alive today and that her lungs have been able to heal to the point that they have. The fifth, and not counting all the other miracles I'm sure lead to this point, is that Teresa is listed on the transplant list.

Prayers are still needed. The insurance company has to agree to pay for this. Can you believe it? It ultimately comes down to money. What a society we have created when saving a child's life comes down to money. Again, please pray for little Teresa and her family as they begin this new journey. Through it all, I pray that Teresa survives the surgery and goes on the touch more lives in the same way she already has. If ever there was an angel on earth, it's her.

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Princess D said...

What a story! What an adorable little girl! Prayers will be sent her way. Thank you for sharing with us.