Friday, June 22, 2012

My Head is Above Water...


But I can see the shore and I'm still swimming!

Hectic doesn't begin to describe what life is like right now, but I am relieved to have the weekend ahead of me to finish up the most crucial stuff.

Late, late last night at the local megaWal store, when my Jie Jie should have been in bed, after a LOOOONG day of work, PT appointment, no lunch (yep, this mama failed in that area yesterday), my China Travel Meeting, finally eating out - again - I finally found a few summer clothing items that will fit, or will after I alter them, so that I won't have to be naked or wearing winter clothes in Guangzhou! That is such a HUGE relief.

I've almost got all the necessary documents ready to send to the courier I'm using to get our visas. Part of shopping last night so late was to get more printer ink because I've had to make so many copies of things.

My new employee is showing gumption and initiative today, which I badly needed her to do. Please don't laugh, but I'm pretty conservative and ... she's got blue hair and looks like a Dr. Suess Who. I am a person who needs professionalism. One of the things I LOVE about being in China is that the people in their jobs are professionals, even if it's the street cleaner, but it's the people at the bank I love the most. They count and count and recount and do it so fast, but are so thorough. I miss that thoroughness here in the U.S., or should I say, California, where anything goes. I've known this girl from church since she was about 4 and the advantage of a younger employee is that they play with the kids and have a lot of energy, but the drawback is that they've never run a household or, in this case, held a job before, so I have to spell it all out. For example, I say, "Please feed the baby." I come check a moment later and the child's been fed, but his face is still dirty, his bowl and spoon are still on the floor and the next baby is starting to ramp up with his own hunger, Meanwhile, the first one has pooped and needs a change, too. So, then comes the talk: When you feed the baby, .....then put the left-over food away and check the diaper again.

If you are wondering how I can sit hear and type this much with so much needing to be done, please know that I'm on the phone. On hold. And the estimated wait time is over 15 minutes!

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Princess D said...

Oh my! That is a crazy schedule. Glad you won't have to walk around naked in Ch.ina-lol! Glad that your new employee is getting with it, and it's good that she has a great first job with you to learn so much along the way. I will pray for extra energy for both you and Jie Jie, especially during these next few months!
Hope the call went well! I can only wonder what kind of whirl wind weekend you will be encountering and wish you well in it!