Monday, June 11, 2012

The New Bed

I loved going in to awaken Jie Jie this morning with a kiss. She slept very well. Now that I can simply lean over the side of her bed, it's a snap to plant a good morning kiss right on her cheek. In order to kiss her before, while in bed, I had to crawl from the foot of her bed, or over mine to reach her. She looked so tiny and cozy this morning!

I've been putting my room back to its original state. Jie Jie didn't remember it being any other way since I changed it her first or second week home. Luckily, I have pictures to show her. She thinks my room is very big now and thinks she and Sissy ought to have that room. I pointed out that once she puts another dresser in my room (Sissy's) that there won't be any more room than she already has.

I have to admit, I love the space again. Mainly, because I can arrange my daycare babies better in their during nap time. I can also vacume easier, make the bed easier, put my shelf back in my room (it's been in the dining room all year), and better organize the power cords. I know I've mentioned before that my home, which was built in 1905, has only one power outlet in each bedroom!

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Princess D said...

I'm so glad that it's working so well right now :) That it will be easier. Wow! One outlet per room!