Monday, June 25, 2012

Sleep? Me?

Who has time for sleep? Not me! But I'm about to turn in because it's nearly 3am and I have a huge day and week ahead of me.

What have I been doing all night long? Visa paperwork! Those applications are a four-page bear, but I'm finished and crossing my fingers that I did them correctly. Then, I made copies of all the supporting documents that are required for Jie Jie's because she was once a Chinese citizen.

Please remember me in your prayers because I'm doing everything single-handedly while training a new assistant for my daycare, which means I can't leave her to oversee the kids and pop into my office and get much done. It's going to be this way all week while my main assistant is at girl scout camp.

Still on the list:
More gathering of copies of documents for my travel packet
Post office
Continue packing
Call social worker about best insurance for Sissy
Call insurance company about adding Sissy
Place a daycare space available ad
Sew the girls' duvet covers
Alter clothes for me
Mend clothes for Jie Jie
There's more, too...

1 comment:

Princess D said...

Wish I was nearby, I'd come over and help! and suck up all your knowledge on this process as well!!
I will keep you in my prayers!