Sunday, June 10, 2012

What a Team!

Last night I assembled the bunkbed, with a bit of help from Jie Jie at the end! Instead of assembling the bunk on the floor and lifting the whole bed, which I couldn't do alone, I assembled it in place. I had a feeling the feet were big and solid enough and they were. At the end, when I had to align the slats, it was like holding a huge, heavy snake and that's where Jie Jie's help was invaluable. I held the slats and she aligned them.

It was super heavy, but I had great leverage, and that made all the difference. I wasn't sure how I was going to like it since the room is so small, but I like it more than when it was a single bed in there.

Jie Jie has been super excited about having a bunkbed. Tonight, she is sleeping in her own room, for the very first time (she's only napped there before)! I took a picturs of her climbing up into the bed. You can see just how small she is and how high the bed is, which is why I put a rail on it for her so she can't fall out of bed. The top of her mattress is chest-high to her when she's got her feet flat on the floor.

The ladder is supposed to go where the upper bunk rail ends, but the dresser is in the way, so Sissy will have to climb over the rail to get into bed. If I can figure out where to put the play kitchen, play table and all the baby doll stuff so it's not in their room, then I can move the dresser and book shelf and put the ladder in its proper position.

At 3am I finally turned off the light, a very satisfied and tired mama!


Lynnea said...

You ARE Superwoman!
Holy Moly!!! Way to go!
The beds looks GREAT! :)

nancy said...

What a beautiful and cozy room, I'm sure the girls are going to love it!

Princess D said...

What gorgeous bunk beds--they are really pretty!!!
And that you and Jie Jie did it all yourselves---Wowsers!!!!
She looks so adorable in her bed!!! How did that night go for you both?