Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yes, Bonkers It Is!

LOL! All of you who have done this know that once the TA and CA come, life flies into mega warp drive and it's a mad dash for more paperwork. Visas require a lot of paperwork for Jie Jie, just more copies of adoption decrees, old passport, etc... Then the usual stuff, passport copies, copies of passport photos, etc... Then the hefty price tag. I mean passports at around $100 each and visas at around $140 each, plus a currier, which is $90, or two afternoons of hiring a second assistant, which comes to at least $60 plus bridge toll at $10 plus gas... The courier fee looks reasonable all-of-a-sudden, doesn't it?

Then, there's booking the travel...

A very excited 8 year old, a very excited and tired mama...

Sounds like I'm going to China and all is normal!


Lynnea said...

I'm in serious awe in how you do it oh days!
Hang in are going to be on that loonnngggg plane ride SOON!
Is Jie Jie nervous about going back to China at all??
Hoping you can find "reasonable" ticket prices!!!

Princess D said...

Hoping that all that needs to be done is done before it needs to be done ;)
Enjoy the craziness that comes before the two girls home with mama craziness :)