Saturday, July 28, 2012

Grieving In the Night

So far, no jetlag for me. At all! I attribute that to the lack of sleep and wacky hours I kept before travelling. Usually I'm slammed with jetlag coming home. However, as I was about to turn in last night, Sissy got up and came to me, very sad, grieving, sobbing. I held her and then we talked, using Go0gle translastor, until 5am. She shared her "secrets" with me, a USB drive full of pictures, music, email addresses and more. I was relieved as I was going to go behind her back and check out this mysterious data. In China, she adamantly told me that I may not see this and that is was secret. My mind filled with all kinds of things, like contacts here that would be dangerous, etc...

Jie Jie had her first trampoline class this morning and had a GREAT time. I made video so I'll post it. Sissy is super tired, and I'm sleepy, but I'm energetic. I'll finish the last two loads of laundry today and get the suitcases back up into the attic, then give the place a good vacuuming. I'd intended to cut up the branch that broke off the plum tree, due to the enormous amount of plums, out back, but that's going to have to wait until tomorrow.

Right now we're off to the bank, post office, and to visit the friend who had her first baby right before I left. We've already been to Costco and I've planned the daycare menu for the week so that's taken care of. I'm having dinner brought in by friends at church Monday through Wednesday night since during the best of times, it's hard to get dinner ready once I've cooked for work and homeschooled, etc...

I do plan to jump right into a schedule, with homeschool. The girls need the structure and Sissy really needs language. I can't wait to see how far and fast she can progress through this transition. I remember how fast Jie Jie's "babyhood" with me seemed. It's quite something to observe.

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Princess D said...

Whoa, you make me feel like a lazy sloth for just going to work today ;)
Glad Sissy is opening up and wanted to share her secret with you.
Good to hear about Jie Jie's trampoline time!
Happy that the jet lag didn't catch ya this time ;)