Friday, July 20, 2012


I think I've forgotten to mention how much I love this country. I am having a great time despite Sissy's difficulties. The people here at the hotel are friendly and I've already made firm friends with a family from the Bay Area who have adopted the most intelligent, beautiful 9 year old girl. This little girl was in a fantastic foster home and even speaks English! She and Jie Jie have hit it off and love playing together. We'll be able to see them once we're home, too, as they live about 30 minutes away from us!

My good camera battery is charged so I hope to have a lot more pictures to post. Sissy is a bit of an Eliza Doolittle, graceless and awkward right now. Her mouth is always hanging open, she slouches and sticks her neck out, so getting flattering pictures of her is difficult. I've started just taking them as she is now and she's just beginning to realize how she looks as she sees them. I can definitely see the beauty she's going to be with lips like Angelina Jolie and fine bone structure. Her hair is gorgeous, thick and silky, and she's got long slender fingers. She's snoring right now, which makes me laugh as I type this!


Anonymous said...

Sissy does have the most beautiful lips!! My 16 year old daughter does too and people frequently just say it out loud!! Once home and things are going more smoothly, maybe you should get an orthdontic evaluation to check her bite. If her teeth don't come together properly, it can make chewing extra hard and it can make keeping the lips together a bigger challenge. I think you have a huge heart for her and she will fine. I am enjoying following your "story". You have such a diehard spirit! Prayers.
Carolyn (in Las Vegas)

Stacey said...

You really need to read the letter written by this teenager adopted from China and share it with Sissy:

Chrissy said...

I just emailed you about this same blog before I read the comments! I have followed "Our China Girl" for a couple years and hope it will be a good resource for you. I had to laugh out loud about the snoring comment! She must be sleeping well. Your trip is going so fast, enjoy the rest of your time there! I know you know this but soon this adjustment phase will smooth out.