Wednesday, July 25, 2012

In Hong Kong

We made it safely to Hong Kong! Sissy has behaved beautifully. She has obeyed and came close only once to causing a problem. She always seems to pick the worse places, this time, immigration into Hong Kong. She had to use the bathroom badly so she was being super dramatic, doubling over, grimacing, etc... I had to tell her about five times to cut it out. I was so afraid they'd stop her for a health check. The temperature taking station was only a few feet away. Luckily, she stopped. When we finally did reach a bathroom, the line was very long, so we found another and the long was shorter, but there was still a good wait. She did the drama again and all the ladies in line thought she was ill. I explained to one lady (they all speak English in Hong Kong) and she in turn reassured me that Sissy was lucky to have a mom who will teach her and then spoke to Sissy a little bit.

I can't tell you the number of people who keep asking me if Sissy is mentally retarded. It is obvious she is not, but the way she presents herself sure gives that picture. However, I've taken enough pictuers of her now that she's starting to really try and change.

The Regal Hotel is impressive. Sissy couldn't stop her delight at how beautiful everything is. Jie Jie is simply tired, I think, and starting, ever-so-slightly, to act up by immitating Sissy a little bit. I've spoken to her about it and I think that being at home will help right away. Her health seems stable and she has not more complaints of pain. I am still not certain that starting the medicaton was the right thing to do, but after last time, I had to err on the side of treatment, to be safe while travelling.

We are lugging quite a load. Sissy came with two full backpacks and a bag and it was hard to manage it all, but my system did work for the most part. Only getting on and off the train were things difficult and then some other people came to our aid. I've found that the Chinese are very friendly and willing to help at any time. Their faces may not look inviting, but when I smile at them and say hello, they smile at me and say hello back far more than Americans in my neighbrohood do.

Sissy's stuff that she came to me with.

I never once encountered prejudice against Jie Jie's special needs either. She was utterly charming to all.

I'm glad for Sissy's sake to be heading home, but I am sad for mine and Jie Jie's sake. We've both loved being in China and we're aleady starting plan for when we come back for Apple.

Sissy has proven she can behave all day for one day. If she can do it for one day, she can do it for another and then another and another.


John G. said...

Maybe mailing items back to the US would lighten your load.

Hugs from CT

Karen said...

Honestly, K, I don't know how you're doing it. You have a long road ahead of you, and I admire your willingness and your perseverance. You've done a wonderful job with your first daughter, and she's advanced so much in your care. It will all work itself out, with love and consistency. I truly admire your strength.

Nicole said...

Not sure where you re-enter for immigration. (We went to JFK.) The lines were HUGE in both the US Citizen and non US Citizen lines (as in 150+ people in each). I walked past all of them to a disabled sign and waved to a worker who was not with someone. I explained our situation (newly adopted child) and asked which line to go in. There was a family with a disabled elderly member in a separate line and the lady came back and told me to get behind them. We were then taken to a separate room for the immigration part. SO FAST. So glad I knew from RQ that you could approach them and ask for assistance. Depending on how Sissy is doing, i cannot imagine a long line after a long flight being bearable for many children...Thinking of you!

Carrie said...

We were also ushered to the front of the line...not really sure why, but we didn't ask questions! Thankful for a good day with Sissy...looking and praying for more!

kimjax said...

You are AMAZING! I can't believe you're on your way home - Godspeed! And make sure Sissy uses the potty before she gets off the plane - those immigration lines are long, lol!

Anonymous said...

I know you love China but I just can't wait for you to be home!! I'm praying for Jie Jie, I pray she's healthy. I'm anxious and excited to follow Sissy's healing and transformation.
you have my great respect. You are a great mother , your daughters are in such good hands, and so are you, my friend, in the hands of your creator.
God bless you as you head home

Just the 6 of us! said...

Happy to hear things are going better! Much love to you and your girls on this journey!

Chrissy said...

Hoping this is the start of the real Sissy starting to come out.

I think it was best to that you started the medication for Jie Jie. I was going to suggest it just to make sure it doesn't get worse. They can dehydrate so quickly when that infection gets going.

We will keep your whole family in our prayers. Hugs to all!

Vickie said...

Still praying for you and your new little family:) All the best, we are here for you!!