Monday, July 16, 2012

Mother of Two

If I thought in the ER last Wednesday that my heart was torn in two, worry for Jie Jie who was with me and very ill and worry for Sissy who we were supposed to fly out to, it's nothing compared to having them together in real life.

I am so used to turning to Jie Jie, to meet her needs, all the time, that now I also need to turn toward Sissy, too. I feel like my head is on a very loose pivot, always turning right and left. It makes me laugh so often that Jie Jie keeps asking me why I'm laughing!

The most incredible site so far has been watching my two daughters walking side by side in front of me, holding hands. My heart is bursting! All is as it should be in my life. There is a completeness, for now, that I relish.

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Donna said...

Isn't it amazing!! Now you see why I have 6 :)