Saturday, July 28, 2012

My First Compliment from Sissy

We are definitely on a roll of progress here! Sissy has done really well for another day. We've been using the translator a lot in the evenings and she told me tonight that I'm "sensible." I was explaining about why we are going to church, what it is, etc... She hasn't had any exposure to any type of worship or religion at all, she said.

Tonight I washed her hair again for her. I asked what she did in her SWI and she said that when she washed her body, her hair got wet and that was it and that her head itched. She does have a touch of dandruff but I think I took care of that with tonight's wash.

We also talked of womanly things, if you get my meaning. Even though she finished her cycle the day after I adopted her, she started again, completely in sync with my own cycle. Isn't that amazing? I thought more time together had to pass before that could happen.

I gave each girl their special dolls this morning by leaving them on their beds last night. They are generic Am. Girl Dolls, but Jie Jie's is a little smaller. They are starting to play a little now and I can see them getting closer and closer in the future.

I have a couple pictures, but I'll wait until tomorrow for them. I'm dying for some down-time before going to bed tonight!

After how Sissy was in China, I truly didn't expect such a fast turn-around the moment we got home, but I love it. I love that each day I get to know her better and fall in love with her more and more. I really looked forward to this time with her. I remember how wonderful it was with Jie Jie. Sissy was such a fun teen tonight, saying how she doesn't like the few itty bitty pimples she's got right now that you need a microscope to see. Oh, and I found out why she was so resistant to drinking water... She considered the water out of the tap raw. One doesn't drink raw water in China, of course. So I explained and now all is well in that department.

So, though it's very early days still, anyone considering adopting a teen, please note how fast Sissy and I went from terrible to great, and consider the snippets of insight I gained as to why this occurred.

She truly had no clue what any of this really meant. I also found out yesterday that she didn't know I sent her the disposable camera or the journal or how I got the pictures I did of her. So, while the letter from Chloe sounds like a great idea, here's my daughter, just out of Chinese 5th grade, completely unable to read or understand most of it, so I really wonder what the best approach is for getting these older kids to consent to and follow through with their adoptions. I'm eager to see in upcoming years how things evolve for these older kids in China.

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Princess D said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening. I'm glad that now you are all at home Sissy is gaining more of an understanding into how your family works. That now she can see you for the woman and mama you are in your niche, and be more able to open up to you.
How sweet that the girls are playing more and more together :) Love that you gave them their special dolls :)