Monday, July 2, 2012

Othotics Not A Go

The orthotics didn't fit right. Jie Jie's been recasted. They might be ready by next week, or not. They are also not the right kind, but there is no time to get a prescription for a different kind. The nice orthotist will make them as close to what they should be while still staying within the guidelines of the prescription, then, when we come back, we can make changes as necessary.

The waste of money due to these kinds of mistakes staggers me. It is clear why our country has such a severe health care crisis. What money is wasted per year could probably pay for the care for everyone who needs it. This has got to be billions of dollars in waste per year. The amount of money wasted just on my daughter's mismanaged case alone is in the thousands.

I was allowed to take the ones that don't fit. This way, while in China, I can still fit shoes to them because they are close enough to what she will have. Remember, Jie Jie is now going to need all new shoes to fit over these things and the way she walks, she's pretty hard on shoes so we go through a lot of them in a pretty short time.


gail said...

My daughter wears AFO's on her legs. She doesn't walk so her shoes never have any wear on them. If it would not hurt your feelings or insult you, I would be very happy to check the size that Jie Jie will require to see if I have any shoes that size.

I am glad she is finally getting some more of the services she deserves.

Can't wait to follow your journey to Sissy.


Princess D said...

That's just crazy!